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Improve systems and efficiencies. Report up-to-date outcomes. Expand reach. Grow leadership. Engage and activate communities.

Transform Consulting Group (TCG) is a national, strategic consulting and project management firm. We work with government agencies, nonprofits, early education partners, and philanthropic organizations to overcome complex challenges and drive meaningful transformation.

We work closely with each of our clients to help them strategize, conceptualize, analyze, and prioritize to fulfill their mission and achieve their desired outcomes.

We are no ordinary group of strategists, analysts, project managers, and consultants. We are former practitioners in the industries we serve, and we understand how beneficial TCG’s systems and tools are to the organizations we serve. We provide our clients with hands-on, results-based tools, a systematic approach for informing through data dashboards, and steps for activating a collective and collaborative approach to solve the most complex social challenges.

Most of all, we are passionate about helping you—the transformers of our communities—and the lives you impact with your work. Let’s transform the world together!

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Transform Consulting Group helps nonprofits funders, and change-makers:

Actionable Impact. DO MORE WITH DATA.

Data can be a secret weapon for every organization. TCG helps you identify what data is needed to tell your story of impact and how to use that data to manage your organization, expand your reach, and ACCELERATE YOUR IMPACT.

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Measure Impact

Your organization exists to create social change, and data is crucial in measuring the impact of your programs and services. By collecting and analyzing data, you can determine if your efforts are effective and if they are achieving your goals.

Make Informed Decisions

Data can help your organization make informed decisions about allocating resources and where to focus your efforts. By analyzing data, your organization can identify areas with the greatest need and where your efforts will have the greatest impact.

Attract and Diversify Funding

Donors and funders are increasingly looking for evidence-based approaches to social change. Your organization can demonstrate the impact of your work to attract funding and support.

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Tell Your Story of Impact

Don’t be the “best-kept secret.” We know you – a fellow Transformer – are doing incredible work. We’re passionate about helping you meet your organizational goals but also love to support you while you share your good work with the world.

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Strategic Plans

Early Care & Education Coalitions to Support Working Parents


TCG helped us focus on understanding the needs and strengths of the counties we serve. They did this by gathering and interpreting key data and talking with different stakeholders to get a better understanding of their current and future needs. We were so pleased with our partnership and committed to working together for the next 5 years!

Geminus Head Start
Karen Carradine
Vice President Head Start
Geminus Regional Health Systems

We had the privilege of working with Transform Consulting Group to complete a feasibility study. The TCG team brought together key community stakeholders, gathered feedback, and compiled a thoughtful, data-filled report highlighting the feasibility of a county-wide early childhood education center.

Portland Foundation
Douglas Inman
Executive Director
The Portland Foundation

I cannot tell you how important the dashboard site will be for strategic planning, strategic growth, grant writing, updating cases for support, and general resource development. Thank you for what you and your team are doing to support Indiana Boys & Girls Clubs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Jeff Amy
Director of Organizational Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

I feel confident that had TCG not been involved in our project that we would not have been successful.

Heartland Career Center
Mark Hobbs
Heartland Career Center

Our organizations are stretched very thin. Hiring TCG to help with creating data and evaluation tools and crafting grant proposals was extremely helpful. They knew what they were doing, and they were able to help and do what they do best, while we could keep doing what we needed to do.

Vision of Hope
Greg Wetterlin
Restoration Ministries
Vision of Hope

Transform Consulting Group successfully brought together diverse leaders in our community to implement a strategic plan that will better the lives of families across the entire county.

Community Foundation of Wabash County
Julie Garber
Program Director
Community Foundation of Wabash

We had an opportunity to work on a project with Transform Consulting and were pleased with their expertise in data collection and connecting the qualitative and quantitative evaluation findings to make solid recommendations.

Dawn Martz
Chief Program Officer
Foellinger Foundation
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Standing Against Racism & Working Towards Equity

In our work, internally and externally, we strive to create equitable environments and outcomes. We know that we can only achieve our goal of improving communities by facing and addressing current inequities. Marginalized and racialized people face hurdles that other groups do not. We need to understand this present reality to work to change it. Internally, our team is reading books, looking at data, and having conversations to understand the world, our individual experiences and biases, and how these factors impact our work. In our client projects, we work to bring a lens of equity to all we do. We know we won’t always get it right and have to keep at it regardless. We strive to apply our core value of continuous quality improvement to ensure we are improving in our efforts to stand against racism and create a more
equitable world.

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Data-Informed Tools

Toolkits address the “why” of data.

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Data Dashboard Tools

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Strategic Planning Tools

We’ll work to identify the key stakeholders to inform your planning process.

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Evaluation Tools

How effective is your program? Is it working as intended?

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Fundraising Tools

With simple, practical tools, your team can diversify funding streams.

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Coalition Tools

Is your issue bigger than one organization can handle? A coalition may be the answer!