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Innovate for Impact

Nonprofits face enormous pressures. Economic and social disparities mean the need for services and funding is great. However, competition for dollars is growing and there is a growing need to be responsive.

Nonprofit leaders are responding by reframing their strategies and tapping into data to differentiate themselves and demonstrate impact. This allows them to work on their mission more efficiently and effectively while better meeting their donor, board, and community members’ expectations. At Transform Consulting Group, we engage and gather feedback from partners who represent various sectors through community conversations, surveys, listening sessions, interviews, etc.

At TCG, we have a combined 80+ years of experience working directly in nonprofits and with nonprofits. We understand the complexities of creating positive impact, demonstrating outcomes with data, and opportunities to diversity funding streams for sustainability. 

Our clients all have similar needs. They seek to use best practices, use data to inform decision-making, engage the communities they serve, and develop their employees, leaders, and board. 

To learn more about how we can help address your immediate needs, visit our Needs and Projects pages.

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Client Stories

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Assessing 30+ Afterschool Programs Across IN to Guide Strategic Plan

The Center for Leadership Development

Understanding Data To Tell Stories Of Impact And Serve Students of Color

Indiana Parenting Institute of St. Joseph County

Diversifying Funding To Serve Out-Of-School-Time Teens


Government leaders are operating in unprecedented times.

The role and need for government is evolving coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all still recovering. Our clients are working hard to understand the short- and long-term impact of the pandemic and how to respond accordingly. 

Government leaders are assessing and refocusing efforts to better serve their communities. During the pandemic, new needs have arisen and other challenges have been brought to light. Through this change, organizations are using this opportunity to complete new strategic plans, evaluate programs and services, complete exploratory research projects, fund new partnerships, and use data to tell stories of need and impact.

Our team has experience working at the federal and state levels of government (we’re a certified Women’s Business Enterprise). We also have team members who have worked with community-based organizations that have received government funds and are boots on the ground implementing those programs and services. We understand the changing policies and competing priorities of everyone who ultimately wants to improve outcomes for our communities. 

Let us be your liaison and partner! Learn more by visiting our Needs and Projects pages.

Client Stories

Indiana Small Business Development Center

Addressing Recruitment & Retention Challenges Through Strategic Planning

Early Learning Advisory Committee

Addressing the Early Care and Education Gaps Across Indiana

Indiana Department of Child Services

Bringing Together State Partners to Create a Plan & Toolkit for Addressing Child Abuse

Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana

Integrating Continuous Quality Improvement Measures to Serve Hoosier Children


As a philanthropic partner, we know you’re doing important work.

You are moving the needle in your community, and we applaud your efforts.

In this ever-changing world, we see you working to be effective. There’s a shift as more and more funders are looking to be strategic partners and conveners.

At Transform Consulting Group (TCG), we support philanthropic partners who are working to tackle big social problems in their communities. We’re noticing a growing trend of funders no longer wanting to simply write a check. Funders are stepping into a community leader and convener role to work together on solutions. You want your work to be effective and support a thriving community.

Each year more nonprofit organizations are formed, and more individuals give to charitable causes. Yet, the social issues plaguing our communities seem to be getting worse while charitable giving increases.

There is a disconnect. We can help you assess your community’s needs and work with you and your partners to solve complex problems.

To learn more about how we can partner, visit our Needs and Projects pages.

Client Stories

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne

Developing a Data Dashboard to Reflect New Vision and Direction

Welborn Baptist Foundation

Serving as Thought Leadership Partners to Address Top Community Issues

Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County

Addressing Child Care Shortage Problems in Five Counties

Montgomery County Community Foundation

Increasing the Quality of Child Care Available Community-Wide Through Strategic Planning

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Education leaders are facing a shifting and dynamic environment.

Policies and funding are constantly changing. New research and best practices are emerging daily. School leaders are working to stay current with all this change while also taking care of the day-to-day: equipping, preparing, and educating our future leaders.

Transform Consulting Group supports education leaders across the lifespan. We work with early learning leaders to build a strong foundation for our youngest citizens ages 0-5. We work with K-12 school leaders to help them use their data to understand their students, teachers, and schools’ needs. We also facilitate partnerships between schools, families, and communities, facilitating outstanding student achievement.

We support school leaders in preparing the future workforce. We support Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to build partnerships with local industry and K-12 systems that align with careers in high demand in their region.

We support higher education institutions that are working to be anchor institutions in their community. Their goals and outcomes are uniquely tied to the local community’s quality of life and workforce development as they work to recruit students and faculty.

Across all education leaders, setting children, youth, and adults up for success comes down to data and collaboration.

To learn more about how we can partner, visit our Needs and Projects pages.

Client Stories


Providing Backbone Support to Facilitate Community Partnerships to Implement a Full-Service Community Schools Project

Heartland Career Center

Raising Millions of Dollars to Expand Adult Workforce Training Programs

Head Start

Head Start grantees face tremendous pressures.

The need for your program and services is rising, while the challenges to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce are incredible.

Transform Consulting Group has responded to this need by creating a High-Performing Organizations model based on the concept that effective leadership and management comprise three components: technical expertise, administrative and management skills, and relational/personal growth.

Head Start organizations are primed to benefit from this leadership and coaching model as it aligns well with the Head Start model.

In addition to responding to the workforce crisis, Head Start organizations are working to better use their data. Head Start organizations collect a lot of data. We help Head Start organizations move beyond collecting data for compliance to collecting data to drive impact.

Head Start leaders are well-positioned to be trailblazers in the early childhood field. We can be a strong partner, given our experience working at the federal level with the Office of Head Start, at the state level with the Collaboration Offices and State Associations, and at the local level with individual grantees. We understand Head Start requirements and funding constraints and the program’s goal to help young children and families.

Check out our Needs and Projects pages to learn more!

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Client Stories

Illinois Head Start Association

Reach and Impact Across Illinois

Indiana Head Start State Collaboration Office

Supporting Ongoing Needs Assessments That Move Beyond Compliance and Ensure Impact

Geminus Head Start

Ongoing Data Partnership to Manage, Support, and Understand Impact

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