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Our clients are passionate about the causes their organizations represent. You want to solve homelessness, tackle child care gaps, give students access to quality education, and more. Maybe you didn’t get into this work with a passion for data, fundraising, strategic planning, or community engagement. This is where our team of #Transformers comes in.

We know your industry and are just as passionate about your cause. We also have a passion for data and can help you level up how you use data to tell your story, grow your impact, and raise funds.

Build the Foundation

It starts with the foundation.

Your organization needs a clear structure and plan for achieving its goals. This ensures that everyone involved in your organization – staff, board of directors, funders, etc. – understands what you’re working toward and how they can contribute to achieving those goals.

Transform Consulting Group works with organizations to ensure alignment with their mission and that they are working toward achieving their goals.

We provide strategic planning support, create user-friendly data dashboards, evaluate your programs to ensure you’re accomplishing your goals, gather data and research to ensure new programs and initiatives are feasible, diversify your funding, and train up your team at all levels so they feel equipped and empowered to carry out your mission.

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Mobilize the Community

Our clients are working to address complex social issues like ending homelessness, solving the child care crisis, and strengthening the workforce.

These issues are bigger than what one entity can accomplish on its own. By using our collective impact framework, we can facilitate public-private partnerships that truly lead to transformational change.

We can provide backbone support to help you facilitate or build a local coalition or committee, gather qualitative and quantitative data to complete comprehensive community needs assessments, complete action-driven strategic plans, engage stakeholders, and look at the latest research to inform recommendations.

Mobilize Your Community With These Projects

Propel Program Expansion

A big challenge in most nonprofits and educational institutions is capacity.

You are passionate about the cause you represent. You want to better the lives of your clients, children, and families. There is so much work to be done that it can be difficult to meet the needs while also being strategic when thinking through growth or expanding services.

As your partner, we work with you to evaluate program feasibility, effectiveness, and potential opportunities for program expansion. We are partners with your board and your staff. We work closely with all of you throughout our partnership to create the best outcomes for your organization. We know it takes funding first, which can be a barrier to expansion. Our work is grounded in research and best practices for building capacity and funding. Our step-by-step process becomes the framework for driving change today and in the future.

Propel Program Expansion With These Projects

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Diversify Funding Streams

The proverbial saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ holds true in all organizations.

However, diversifying funding streams isn’t always easy. We understand the fundraising challenges nonprofit organizations face. Donors and funders seek more than an emotional connection with a mission. They want to understand and feel confident that the invested dollars drive significant improvements.

Transform Consulting Group understands the different types of revenue funding to support nonprofit organizations. Once we understand your goals and what you want to accomplish, we help you think differently and do things differently to develop and implement a sustainable fund development plan that advances your impact.

Diversify Your Funding Streams With These Projects

Advance the Mission

Every organization has the ability to go from good to great.

We believe the power lies in the people. People are the biggest asset to any organization, and when you develop the right people and equip them with the right tools, you will advance your mission.

Transform Consulting Group works with organizations to develop leaders, strengthen teams, build a healthy work culture, and attract future change-makers. We have a High-Performing Organization Framework that builds on eight foundational characteristics and various evaluation tools, training, and coaching tools.

Your board members, employees, donors, and those whose lives are changed by your programs and services are all agents of transformation. We work with you to drive continual change and advance your mission.

Advance Your Mission With These Projects

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Toolkits address the “why” of data.

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