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Early Learning Advisory Committee | Addressing the Early Care and Education Gaps Across Indiana

Client Needs

The Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) was created by the Indiana General Assembly in 2013, and its members were appointed by the Governor. One of the main tasks of ELAC was to complete an annual assessment of the availability and quality of early care and education programs for young children in Indiana. Access to early care and education programs leads to positive outcomes for our youngest Hoosiers.

With 64% of Hoosier children under six years old living in households where all parents work, ELAC set out to understand the availability, affordability, and quality of early care and education across the state of Indiana and make meaningful recommendations to inform decisions at the state level.

Our Solution

Transform Consulting Group was hired from the beginning to form ELAC and the seven workgroups, staff ongoing meetings, provide backbone support, create a strategic plan, complete annual assessments, plan and execute a statewide Summit, support coalition building in communities across the state of Indiana, lead ongoing data work which eventually produced county profiles and interactive data dashboards.

The scope of work changed over the 9 year partnership based the needs. For example, one year the TCG team produced county profiles for all 92 Indiana counties because that is what local communities were asking for at the time. In 2020 the Annual Report shifted focus as we took a deep dive into the impact COVID-19 had on the early care and education industry.


  • Wrote and designed 9 Annual Reports
  • Provided Backbone Support for 7 workgroups
  • Created 92 County Dashboards here
  • Developed Interactive Dashboards here, here, and here
  • Plan and executed 4 statewide Summits for community, business, government, and early care and education leaders

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