Celebrate Nonprofits on World NGO Day

by | Jan 23, 2014


World NGO DayFebruary 27th is World NGO Day, a day for all Non-Government Organizations (including nonprofits) worldwide to share their initiatives and experiences with others. This is a day to celebrate and recognize the contribution, support and vital work all local, regional and international nonprofit organizations do all day, every day, year round.  How can you celebrate an organization and its board, staff, volunteers and supporters?

  • Send a free NGO Day ecard to colleagues or friends!
  • Host a fun dinner party or “friend-raiser” to raise awareness and funds for your organization!
  • Share your message of appreciation with the community online, via social media or in print!

Here are some examples for greetings one can use:

  • “A Happy NGO Day! You are the best organization in the World. Thank you!”
  • “Let’s celebrate World NGO Day together!”
  • “Let’s honor all the NGO founders, volunteers, heroes and heroines around the world!”
  • “Our best wishes from all us! Happy and peaceful World NGO Day!”

Meant as more than just one day of celebration and commemoration, World NGO Day is also intended to provide a platform for NGOs to collaborate.  World NGO Day helps to break down geographical barriers to connect organizations that could help each other learn and grow, regardless of size, mission or location.  As part of this collaborative, the organization provides a worldwide NGO event and opportunities boards.

Transform Consulting Group celebrates all the NGOs doing important work in our community.  Do you know how well your organization is impacting your cause?  Transform Consulting Group can help you measure your outcomes.  Start measuring today!




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