Women in Nonprofits Leadership Symposium

by | Oct 16, 2013


indiana-nonprofit-resource-network-logo30@2Women across the state who dedicate their lives to worthy causes in the nonprofit sector will have the opportunity to attend a Women in Nonprofits Leadership Symposium on October 24th, in Kokomo. The Women in Nonprofits Leadership Symposium is designed to connect and inspire the women who strive daily to improve our communities and the lives of the people in them. Attendees will have opportunities to learn from other women leaders, explore areas of personal and professional growth, and to consider leadership not just as a skill to be acquired but as a web of connectivity where collective good is at the center. The symposium will feature three areas of focus:

  1. Personal and Professional Development: Getting Out of Your Own Way: What’s Stopping You from Success?, Career Paths: Pursuing a Nonprofit Degree, Personalized Strategic Planning for Life and Career Goals, and Balancing Life and Career
  2. Leadership and Management Skills: Feminine Leadership: Sharing Responsibility and Holding Your Place in the Circle, Leadership & Social Justice: How Women Lead, Lean In: Lunch Discussion on Women in Leadership, Confessions of Nonprofit CEOs, and Diversity in the Workplace
  3. Women in Philanthropy: Special Events and Building the Relationship with Women Donors, Women Giving Circles, Women Making the Ask, and Women Leading the Way in Philanthropy

The symposium is sponsored by the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, a regionally-based service providing affordable, accessible, and high quality public and private workshops, board retreats, and consultant referral. For more information and to register, click here.

At Transform Consulting Group, we believe in the ripple effect. By supporting the women in leadership positions in our communities, we are helping to make our organizations stronger and the services that they provide more effective. This is the ripple effect that brings about transformational change in our communities. Contact Transform today to learn other ways you can invest in your staff by providing an informative, interactive and engaging training.




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