YouTube Videos Can Increase Funding and Exposure for Nonprofits

by | Jun 20, 2013


YouTube LogoTransform Consulting Group is always looking for new and creative ways to help nonprofits activate a cause, tell a compelling story, and launch an effective fundraising campaign.  Nonprofits overwhelmingly agree that video is crucial to their communications in these areas, but many feel they do not know how to use it effectively or measure its impact – yet.

“If nonprofits aren’t learning about video and thinking about it and integrating it and using it, they’re really missing out on one of the most powerful tools we have to move people to action.” -Katya Andersen, COO & Chief Strategy Officer at Network for Good

Transform Consulting Group agrees that videos are not being fully utilized as a vehicle to help nonprofits accomplish specific goals or even to track organizational performance. Into Focus is a benchmark guide for nonprofit video that provides good ideas on how to overcome barriers to the successful use of video, including budget, staff resources, and proving impact and return on investment.

Another resource is the YouTube Nonprofit Program, an in-kind donation by YouTube to the nonprofit sector that’s worth about $20 million. Benefits of joining include:

  • Viewers can use your channel’s “Donate” button to contribute to your cause online right from your organization’s YouTube videos.
  • Stream video footage live onto the organization’s YouTube channel: great for events, conferences, and reporting.
  • Place a “Call to Action” on videos, which viewers can click to visit your organization’s website, donate, or learn more.
  • Use annotations on your videos to encourage users to subscribe to your organization’s channel or click to visit your website.
  • Connect with fellow nonprofits and get advice from pros on the free YouTube Nonprofits Forum.

With hopes to empower organizations to significantly expand their reach, YouTube offers participating nonprofits:

  • A premium branded channel
  • Rotation into the “Promoted Videos” section on YouTube’s homepage
  • Listing in the Nonprofit Channels and Nonprofit Video areas
  • The ability to collect donations using Google Checkout (with no processing fee)
  • The option to participate in the user partner program, which allows you to show partner ads on video – and share the ad revenue.

Transform Consulting Group can help your organization tap into a significant pool of potential donors with tools like YouTube. Contact Transform Consulting Group today for a consultation!




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