New Federal Grant Opportunity from HUD

by | Jul 9, 2013

HUDTransform Consulting Group wants local organizations to know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is accepting applications for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building grants under its Transformation Initiatives (OneCPD+). OneCPD+ is intended as a collaborative effort among HUD and other public housing community stakeholders focused on building the management systems and functional capacity necessary to successfully carry out comprehensive and sustainable “place-based” development and revitalization strategies. Successful grantees have comprehensive, assessment based approaches that are focused on measurable outcomes. Eligible applicants for OneCPD+ include states or units of general local government, public housing authorities, public or private nonprofit organizations or intermediaries, including educational institutions and area-wide planning organizations, for profit organizations and eligible faith-based and community organizations. There is approximately $16.5 million in funding available, and the minimum grant award is $750,000.

All organizations experienced and successful in providing any of the items listed below are encouraged to apply:

  • Capacity building assistance in the areas of program design, technical execution, planning, financial management, organizational structure, using and reporting data, and regulatory compliance.
  • Consulting on community development, affordable housing including the low income tax credit program, strategies to preserve the affordability of assisted housing, public housing programs, economic development, regional planning, organizational management, financing and underwriting, recapitalization, construction and rehabilitation management, project management, housing counseling, strategic planning, energy efficiency, fair housing, and housing and services for special needs populations, including homeless persons and those at risk of homelessness, persons with HIV/AIDS, veterans, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitating and fostering local collaboration, strategic planning, and service coordination among HUD stakeholders and non-profit organizations and within local political structures.
  • Knowledge management including developing, hosting and/or managing of websites, blogs, help desks and resources, and tracking Technical Assistance engagements, outputs, and outcomes, including related program outcomes.
  • Preparing policy guidance and tools or materials for HUD approval.
  • Improving the overall performance of a public housing agency by addressing deficiencies in the financial management and administration of HUD-funded programs (including but not limited to public housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, and mixed finance development), providing repositioning options, and providing capacity building for PHA staff and boards.
  • Preserving and recapitalizing distressed assets or those with expiring rental assistance contracts and/or affordability use agreements, as well as long term asset management, including physical or capital needs assessments.
  • Leveraging funds, raising private equity investment, pre-development capital, preservation capital, or bank capital, and deal-structuring.
  • Evaluating program design and effectiveness.
  • Assessing performance measurement, including establishing outcomes or benchmarks.
  • Integrating housing and supportive services and facilitating collaboration among housing providers and community-based healthcare providers.
  • Reducing energy consumption in public or HUD-assisted properties.
  • Workforce capacity and development for HUD customers.

The closing date for applications is July 31, 2013. For more information, click here.

Transform Consulting Group can help your organization to tell their story of accomplishment by measuring not only the outputs of a program, but also the outcomes and the impact on communities as well. Contact Transform Consulting Group today for a consultation!


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