What’s Your “Why?”

by | May 22, 2020

If you have worked with our team at Transform Consulting Group (TCG), then you’ve probably heard us ask “what is your why?” The causes that our clients are tackling are significant. We take time to understand the importance of your work and impact in the community.

This is why we believe our team needs to not only have the skill set to support our client’s work but the alignment of mission to truly understand how we can accelerate your impact and why this matters. We want to put the right individuals in the right seats at our company. 

Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why talks about this concept using The Golden Circle. He says everyone can answer what they do (the outside ring of the circle) and some know how they do it (the skills needed, processes used, etc.) However, he says very few people know why. Your why is not to make money or earn a living, Sinek says it’s your purpose, your cause, or your beliefs. It is the reason your organization exists.

“If you hire people because they need a job, they work for your money. If you hire people who believe what you believe they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears,” says Sinek.

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If you look at influential, impactful, successful people over time – from the Wright brothers to Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs and Apple – what is it that sets them apart?

There were other teams trying to build an airplane during the time of the Wright brothers. These were people with better credentials and more funding, but how did the Wright brothers beat them to it? Martin Luther King wasn’t the only man who suffered in the pre-civil rights America. Why was he the one to lead a huge Civil Rights movement? Apple is just another computer company with all the same access to resources and talent as everyone else. How are they so innovative?

Going back to The Golden Circle, Sinek says that the most inspiring leaders and organizations start from the inside and move out versus nearly everyone else who start from the outside with what. The most impactful leaders start in the middle with the why and this shapes everything else that they do.

It is the why that sells. It’s the why that excites others to join you in your work. “If you talk about what you believe, you will attract people who believe what you believe,” says Sinek.

So, tell us, what is your why? As a team, we are practicing this art of sharing our stories and passions. We want to work alongside people who are motivated by the same beliefs as us and are passionate about bettering the lives of children and families. The only way we get there is by sharing our why. You can view our video series here with snapshots from each person on our team sharing what motivates them and why TCG is the place they are investing their time and talent. We encourage you to check out the videos and use them as a conversation starter with your own team. What is your why?

If you believe that your organization’s why matches our team at TCG, then maybe it’s time to partner! We’d love to hear more about your work and how we can come alongside you to accelerate your impact. Contact us today to learn more. 

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