New Tech Network Addresses the Challenge of Teaching Soft Skills

by | Nov 6, 2014


NewtechNew Tech Network, a California-based organization, has developed one way to tackle the lack of “employability skills” in the labor market. New Tech Network transforms schools into innovative learning environments with dynamic, project-based curriculums. The project-based learning approach empowers students to have “voice and choice” in their own learning plans and to take responsibility for themselves and others while working as a team.

Employability skills are the foundational skills and abilities necessary for success in the labor market at all employment levels across all sectors. Much like academic and technical skills, employability skills are critical to career readiness. Also called soft skills, these workplace essentials commonly include:

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Dependability
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance
  • Relational “people” skills
  • Ability to work in groups

Overall, these soft skills are increasingly a challenge to find among young workers. Across the nation, there is a shortage of talent in the workforce, particularly among young adults: recent college graduates are getting passed over by employers who are unimpressed with their interpersonal skills during interviews; workers are let go because they cannot effectively communicate with colleagues or supervisors. Unfortunately, however, soft skills can be difficult to teach in a classroom setting. Experiences like internships, volunteer work, part-time jobs, or participating in student organizations can be much more effective in developing these soft skills employers need.

New Tech schools focus on developing soft skills by grading students based on the application of assignments, not just content. In addition, New Tech schools work to replicate a business atmosphere through innovative partnerships to engage local business in school curriculum and project development simulating real-world circumstances. Students say that while working together is the hardest part, it is also the most rewarding.

Transform Consulting Group applauds New Tech Network’s innovative approach to preparing young students for the future workplace. Transform Consulting Group has experience developing college and career readiness strategies to increase the employability skills of tomorrow’s workforce. Transform Consulting Group created LAUNCH, a toolkit to improve college and career readiness.  Contact us today to learn more. 




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