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Lutheran Services in America | Centralized Information & Improved Collaborations

Client Needs

Lutheran Services in America’s Rural Aging Action Network (RAAN) is a national collaborative that builds a stronger continuum of care for older adults and caregivers in rural America. Its community-informed approach expands services by leveraging the unique assets and resources in rural communities—along with the characteristic strength and resilience of older adults and caregivers—to remove barriers to care. With RAAN leaders and programs spanning the country, Lutheran Services in America needed a centralized resource to understand its program data to help its leaders more effectively collaborate.

Our Solution

TCG partnered with the organization to develop an easy-to-read data dashboard that gives the internal teams access to the data metrics and visualizations. This allows Lutheran Services in America to better understand and use their programs’ data, make real-time program improvements, and learn from one another’s programs.

The dashboard has four main sections organized by the program’s objectives including engaging older adults, mobilizing community partners, and addressing gaps in care. On each page, key data points are highlighted. RAAN leaders can also filter, making it easy to find data and trends. The data dashboard has helped the RAAN leaders identify areas of strength, leading to conversations on possible solutions and program improvements within its organizations.


  • Facilitated 3 team data trainings
  • Developed 1 data dashboard to support collaboration and improvement
  • Created 1 data glossary and reporting guide
  • Trained 14 RAAN leaders on how to use the dashboard in North Dakota

TCG’s dashboard has helped in making informed decisions, strategic planning, prioritization efforts, and the development of partnerships. Harnessing timely data assists in uncovering hidden trends and patterns, and validating assumptions. The dashboard’s presentation of compelling data has led to more efficient operations, customer satisfaction, and has helped us to tell our unique story and impact.”
Tanya Urquieta

Older Adult Resource Network Coordinator, Lutheran Services in America

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