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Montgomery County Community Foundation | Increasing the Quality of Child Care Available Community-Wide

Client Needs

Montgomery County Community Foundation (MCCF) had been providing grants to local early childhood education providers in their community for several years but hadn’t seen much progress in the way of adding more child care access and increasing the quality of child care available in the community. When the Mayor of Crawfordsville had his Workforce Committee begin to assess the child care issue because it was impacting their ability to recruit more jobs to their community, MCCF stepped up to create a coalition to address their early childhood education issues in the community.

Our Solution

The Montgomery County Community Foundation approached Transform Consulting Group (TCG) to help them set up their coalition, understand the actual need for child care in the community, and develop a plan to bring these services to the community. TCG gathered feedback from employers, employees (working parents), and other parents in the community in order to understand the supply and demand of early childhood education in the community.


By facilitating the coalition made up of business leaders, community partners, early childhood education programs, government leaders and other key stakeholders, the community adopted a strategic plan to increase the supply and quality of early childhood education over the next five years. Soon after the plan was finalized, MCCF was able to apply for and receive a child care desert grant from Early Learning Indiana (funded by the Lilly Endowment) to immediately implement strategies outlined in their plan.

Transform Consulting Group puts information into pictures, and I think that's very important for communicating messages. People can see images, graphs, and data to gain an understanding of an issue. When we did our surveys, it was a wealth of information. We relied on TCG to take that, break it down, and help us analyze it. That's truly a strength of this team.
Kelly Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

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