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Portland Foundation | Understanding the Feasibility of Operating a New Early Care and Education Program

Client Needs

The rural community of Jay County, Indiana saw a lack of child care affecting their ability to recruit more jobs and employees in their area. They lacked child care programs and spots to meet the demand for their employers. They wanted to explore the option of converting an empty school building into a high-quality child care program.

Our Solution

TCG completed the Jay County Feasibility Study and Community Needs Assessment related to child care and early learning. This included gathering quantitative publicly available data and qualitative data. We reached out to key stakeholder groups and received the following input: 125 survey responses from parents, 19 individual interviews with early childhood education programs, and 20 survey responses from employers.

Once the need was determined, we assessed the feasibility of converting an empty school building into an early learning center. We worked with an architect to develop plans and cost estimates. We produced a summary report and dashboard. We determined it was feasible and developed a facility plan, business plan, and communications plan.


  • TCG completed a feasibility study for the Portland Foundation that included the following: 
    • Site analysis of three possible school buildings
    • Market analysis research to determine the need and demand for childcare
    • Communications plan to market the new childcare program 
    • Business & operations plan to make it financially sustainable

We had the privilege of working with Transform Consulting Group to complete a feasibility study. The TCG team brought together key community stakeholder, gathered feedback, and compiled a thoughtful data-filled report highlighting the feasibility of a countywide early childhood education center.
Doug Inman

Executive Director

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