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Client Needs

Welborn Baptist Foundation focuses on funding community-transforming initiatives in southwest Indiana. They are constantly looking ahead at how to best serve the needs of their region to best advance the mission of the organizations there. They learn about an initiative and look to TCG as a thought partner to help understand the research and opportunities before putting funds towards the cause.

One example of this is their focus on Quality of Place. Research shows that in order to build a robust and resilient economy, communities need to invest in Quality of Place. Current and future talent are prioritizing Quality of Place over employment opportunities. Communities that invest in Quality of Place see long-term benefits economically and at the individual and community level.

Quality of Place is essential in attracting and retaining talent for community economic growth, especially due to the unique remote work trends seen during COVID-19. The Project for Public Spaces determined four main areas that make up a great place: sociability, uses and activities, access and linkages, and comfort and image.

When Welborn Baptist Foundation wanted to understand how Quality of Place impacts a community, they asked TCG to conduct some research and develop a white paper to inform the work.

Our Solution

In order to help employers and communities formulate talent attraction and retention strategies for the future, TCG reviewed the research in order to identify trends and promising practices. We then created a Quality of Place case paper to outline the long-term benefits economically and at the individual and community level.


The result of our research resulted in a white paper, “How Quality of Place Impacts Economic Development”.

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