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Strategic Plan Step 1: Tools to Collaborate with Key Stakeholders

Putting Equitable Evaluation into Practice

Does your evaluation process accurately represent the population you serve? The marginalized and less privileged? We shared in this blog that an equitable evaluation is a process that helps organizations determine if the change that they set to accomplish actually...

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Data Informed Tool

Data-Informed Tools

Toolkits address the “why” of data.

Data Informed Tool

Data Dashboard Tools

It is still possible to meet your fundraising goals

Data Informed Tool

Strategic Planning Tools

We’ll work to identify the key stakeholders to inform your planning process.

Data Informed Tool

Evaluation Tools

How effective is your program? Is it working as intended?

Data Informed Tool

Fundraising Tools

With simple, practical tools, your team can diversify funding streams.

Data Informed Tool

Coalition Tools

Is your issue bigger than one organization can handle? A coalition may be the answer!