Client Spotlight: Paws & Think Receives $50,000 Grant

by | Dec 4, 2013

We’re excited to say that on November 13, our client, Paws & Think received a $50,000 grant from Giving Sum. The Mission of Paws & Think is to enhance the quality of life in the community by using the power of the human-animal bond.  The nonprofit provides therapy animals for both animal assisted activities and animal assisted therapies to youth, seniors and special needs individuals of all ages. Also, Paws & Think has canine programs that facilitate classes for at-risk youth and teens, helping them to train shelter dogs with positive reinforcement behaviors.

A nonprofit itself, Giving Sum is focused on creating the next generation of philanthropic leaders working together to improve Indianapolis and central Indiana. By combining members’ resources — time, talent, and finances — Giving Sum is able to multiply the impact that members have on the community and on each other. Giving Sum grants 100% of each year’s membership contributions to a not-for-profit organization in Indianapolis working towards change, innovation, and community good. Members commit to combining personal resources with other members’ resources in order to create greater social impact. The three components of the Giving Sum equation that members offer to the community are:

•Time: Members can serve as high-impact volunteers.

•Voice: Members can use their collective voice to advocate for a cause or mission.

•Money: Each member contributes $500 toward a pooled grant fund that is distributed annually.

Congratulations to Paws & Think! Transform Consulting Group has been working with Paws & Think through IYI Consulting Services to improve its impact in the community by researching best practices on animal assisted therapy programs, as well as tracking their results through an evaluation plan.

Looking for similar resources to help improve your organization’s impact? Contact Transform Consulting Group today!


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