Drug-Free Communities Support Program Grant Opportunity

by | Feb 13, 2015


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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has announced funding available for the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Program grant that will award up to $125,000 per year to approximately 170 organizations across the United States combating substance use and abuse among youth.

Created by the Drug-Free Communities Act of 1997, the DFC Support Program has two main goals:

  1. To strengthen and establish collaboration between non-profit agencies, communities, and governments to support efforts to reduce substance use among the youth of the country.
  2. To reduce substance use among youth, and overtime reduce substance youth in adults. To do this, the DFC Program will address factors in communities that tend to increase the use of substances and promoting factors that will minimize these factors.

Agencies applying for the federal DFC grant are encouraged to submit a Public Health System Impact Statement before the submission deadline. Applicants must be community-based and address youth substance use. Applicants must not have received a DFC grant in the past, or must have experienced a lapse in funding or just concluded their first five-year funding cycle.

Applications are due on March 18, 2015. Complete information regarding eligibility and award information can be found here.

Transform Consulting Group is always on the lookout to help organizations apply for grant opportunities. They have experience and expertise in submitting successful federal grant applications. Let Transform Consulting Group help your organization fund with federal dollars today!



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