Neighborhood Stabilization Grants

by | Sep 24, 2013



The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) recently announced the availability of grants for non-profit agencies, unincorporated neighborhood groups and homeowners. Funding will be awarded for projects and programs that invest in Indianapolis neighborhoods of color, foster homeownership, and promote diverse, inclusive communities.

Non-profits may apply for grants up to $75,000. The FHCCI is seeking proposals that will counteract the devastating effects of the foreclosure crisis and lenders’ alleged discrimination in the maintenance and marketing of foreclosed properties. Accordingly, funds under this grant program must be used for programs and/or services that promote homeownership, neighborhood stabilization, property rehabilitation, and development in communities/neighborhoods of color.

The FHCCI is accepting applications from non-profits and unincorporated neighborhood groups in the following program areas:

  • Down Payment Assistance: Funds to assist with homeownership or closing costs.
  • Housing Rehabilitation: Examples could include rehabilitation of vacant or abandoned housing for sale or rent; new construction; housing repairs for those who are at or under 80 to 120% AMI; or other new, innovative projects. We encourage any new construction or significant rehab proposals of single-family properties to include visitable features to ensure accessibility for those with disabilities or signs of aging.
  • Neighborhood Stabilization – General: Examples could include projects to stabilize housing choice for future or current residents; projects which help people remain in owner-occupied housing; assistance with initial rental deposits or initial rent for low-income individuals and/or those at risk of homelessness; providing housing-related services; or other new, innovative projects.
  • Neighborhood Stabilization – Quality of Life: Examples could include modifying a vacant lot into a pocket park or urban garden; adding accessible playground equipment in parks for those with disabilities; repairing neighborhood recreational trails or adding accessible features/routes for those with disabilities; adding bus stop enclosures to provide user protection or benches; public arts projects such as murals promoting diversity, civil rights or fair housing; neighborhood beautification projects; or other new, innovative projects.

Applications are due on October 22, 2013. For more information, click here.

Transform Consulting Group recognizes the link between flourishing communities and quality of life. We can help your organization identify resources and write compelling grant proposals that will make a difference in your community, schools and families. Contact Transform Consulting Group today to learn more!




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