New Tool to Find Evidence-Based Programs

by | Apr 1, 2013

blueprintThere’s a NEW TOOL for schools, government agencies and community-based organizations to help identify and fund scientifically proven programs with a track record of promoting children’s health and development. A new interactive website called Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development makes it easy to select cost-effective programs, based on scientific evaluations of those programs that show strong evidence of positive effects on youth development.

Blueprints also provides critical information about the staff, training and financial resources organizations often need to include when applying for federal and state grants, developing school improvement plans or seeking funding for community initiatives.

Easy-to-use search features allow users to identify programs by outcome, the positive and negative influences that predict those outcomes, population or program type.  Blueprints is a project from the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado Boulder.  For the last few years, Blueprints has worked with the Annie E. Casey Foundation and other partners to expand its database of model and promising programs that promote positive behavior and relationships, education, emotional well-being and physical health.
A Program Search can be performed in three ways to match the particular needs of your community or targeted population:

  • Select criteria specific to your need (program outcomes, target population, program specifics, risk and protective factors),
  • Use the five stage step by step approach to select criteria specific to your needs, or
  • Search by keyword.

At Transform Consulting Group, we can assist organizations with project planning and aligning your programs to “what works”. Contact us today for a consultation!


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