Transformational Organizations: The Mind Trust

by | Sep 26, 2013


The Mind Trust Logo

Transform Consulting Group sees the ripple effect that The Mind Trust is having in Indianapolis. The Mind Trust is a non-profit organization working to inspire innovative education reform and help transform the Indianapolis public schools system. Since 2006, The Mind Trust has accomplished the following for Indiana:

  • Helped to bring more than 600 excellent teachers and school leaders to the city;
  • Enabled seven education innovators – selected from among more than 3,000 applicants – to launch transformative education organizations in Indianapolis; and
  • Selected five of the nation’s best leadership teams from among 65 applicant teams to launch or expand networks of world-class schools through the Charter School Incubator.

“[The Mind Trust] has singlehandedly changed the tenor of the debate surrounding the city’s schools and brought an army of education talent to Indianapolis in recent years.” -Columnist Matthew Tully in The Indianapolis Star, Oct. 10, 2012

Through its Charter School Incubator, The Mind Trust attracts some of the nation’s best leadership teams to start world-class, autonomous public schools in Indianapolis. The Incubator awards a combination of $250,000 grants to support single-school expansions and $1 million grants to support five-school networks. The Mind Trust’s Education Entrepreneur 2-year Fellows, who are selectively chosen out of a large pool of highly qualified applicants, apply entrepreneurial skills to drive the most impact in public schools.

The Mind Trust has also invested $9.8 million recruiting top educational programs to Indianapolis, including Teach For America, TNTP, College Summit, Stand for Children, and Diploma Plus. In 2010, they created the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust (CEE-Trust), a growing national network of 30 city-focused foundations, non-profits, and mayors’ offices that work together to promote education innovation and reform. In December 2011, The Mind Trust released a groundbreaking report proposing a dramatic overhaul of IPS that fostered much discussion about how to improve the district.

Similar to an “Angel Fund” investing in innovative start-ups, The Mind Trust is our “Non-Profit Education Angel Fund” directing investments and leaders to improve outcomes for children and families. Transform Consulting Group thanks The Mind Trust for all it has done and will do to improve the quality of education in Indiana.

Do you have a transformational idea for your organization? Are you looking for partnerships and new opportunities to realize your goals? Talk to Transform Consulting Group, we can help!




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