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Community Foundation of Wabash County | Understanding Issues Related to Population Decline

Client Needs

When the Community Foundation of Wabash County (CFWC) received their Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) Community Leadership funding, they knew that they wanted to better understand the issues related to population decline in their community.

Our Solution

In partnership with their local economic development organization, Grow Wabash County, CFWC reached out to Transform Consulting Group to help solicit and gather stakeholder feedback from key groups: 

  1. Young adults who grew up in Wabash and left/are still waiting to return.
  2. Young adults who grew up in Wabash and stayed or returned.
  3. Individuals who transplanted to Wabash.
  4. Adults who work in Wabash but choose to live outside the county.

Using surveys, focus groups, and interviews, TCG collected and summarized this data and other quantitative data from a research partner to help inform a strategic plan to address Wabash County’s population decline.


  • Convened a group of individuals representing key sectors. Provide training and support to this group to develop a common language and understanding for community development and to reach consensus on a set of goals/ strategies to address population loss. 
  • Completed data gathering either via an external vendor or through local resources. This would include a combination of quantitative data and community member interviews.
  • Formed a committee structure to oversee the work. 
  • Participate in peer community site visits and meetings to learn best practices and lessons learned to apply in Wabash.
  • Facilitated a  Data Carousel Community Engagement Process.

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