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Heartland Career Center | Raising Millions to Expand Adult Workforce Training Programs

Client Needs

The Heartland Career Center serves students by strengthening their job search skills, identifying and working toward career goals, and making connections with employers.

In this region of the state, there are over 17,000 jobs in advanced manufacturing. That’s 65% above the national average. It is projected that there will be 3,744 unfilled jobs in 10 years. As the need for advanced manufacturing jobs continues to grow, the school needed to expand. This community currently does not have a space or program to support adults earning advanced manufacturing & health credentials. This prompted the Heartland Career Center to embark on the process of applying for a $5 million federal grant to build an adult education center that will offer advanced manufacturing & health credentials.

Our Solution

TCG was hired to help Heartland Career Center secure the grant, which included funding up to $5 million as well as a match requirement of 20%.

There were several different aspects to this engagement. As a first step, we worked with the team at Heartland Career Center in order to successfully secure funding through the writing of grant proposals and submission of grant applications. As a result of the grant matching requirement, we created a case statement and a fund development plan in order to raise the final $1 million. Through the facilitation of partnerships with local business and manufacturing leaders, we shared stories of why this campaign is so important for the entire region. In addition to facilitating the commitment process, we provided data supporting the need and highlighting workforce trends, as well as brainstormed potential stakeholders that could support the campaign. Upon the completion of our engagement, we will support the reporting requirements as soon as the funding has been processed as a final step.


  • Grant writing and submission
  • Case Statement
  • Fund Development Plan
  • Ongoing grant reporting and evaluation support

I feel confident that had TCG not been involved in our project that we would not have been successful.
Mark Hobbs


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