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IUPUI | Securing Federal Grant Funding to Provide Wraparound Support

Client Needs

Like so many urban areas across the country, initiatives abound, yet there are significant challenges of alignment, impact, integration, and sustainability.  The variety of programming necessary to keep students engaged has not been as robust as needed, especially at schools where the academic achievement on standardized assessments is so low. Conspicuously absent from school programming are on-site primary health and mental health services, parent engagement, and access to social services.

Our Solution

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and its community partners contacted TCG to apply for a federal grant to implement the Full-Service Community Schools project with three schools near the Eastside neighborhood in Indianapolis. The proposed project would provide a comprehensive, high-quality school-community partnership with various services promoting parent involvement, academic achievement, health, and wellness.

IUPUI was uniquely situated to address the Full-Service Community Schools project’s goals and serve as an anchor institution in developing school-community partnerships. As an urban university focusing on civic engagement, IUPUI catalyzed collaboration and service among central Indiana’s educational institutions, including colleges and universities, area schools, non-profit organizations, and community-based learning organizations.

The project’s development followed a collective impact framework and included significant stakeholder engagement. TCG convened a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from IUPUI, neighborhood task forces, Indianapolis Public Schools administrators, and community partners to form an advisory committee and develop a competitive grant proposal to implement the Full-Service Community Schools project in the Martindale Brightwood neighborhood.


Wrote a successful $2.5 million federal grant that was awarded over 5 years and renewed for additional funding. Once awarded, TCG helped with the planning to support implementation including organizational structure, staffing, and light technical support.

Transform Consulting Group brings not only experience but also a thoughtful approach, offering useful suggestions along the way of proposal development.
Khaula Murtadha

Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement

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